Dealer Fraud

Are You a Victim of Dealer Fraud?

We aggressively sue auto dealers to force them to return your money! Dealer Fraud Includes New and Used Vehicles
  • Odometer Rollback or Mileage Rollback
  • Nondisclosure of Prior Accident
  • Nondisclosure of Frame Damage
  • Nondisclosure of Vehicle Titled as a Lemon Buy Back
  • Nondisclosure of of prior use of Taxi Cab
  • Nondisclosure of of prior use of Rental Vehicle
  • Misrepresentation of Services
  • Misrepresentation of Warranty Terms
  • Misrepresentation of Safety and Condition
  • False Certification of Certified Pre-owned Used Vehicle
  • Misrepresentation of Equipment
  • Misappropriate of Down Payment Funds

You have rights under state and federal laws that gives you abilities to obtain remedies against dealership who commit fraud.

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